Professor Jens-Peter Schneider presentation at the ZIF Bielefeld

July 27-28, 2022: University of Bielefeld organised a conference “ökonomische und rechtliche Herausforderungen im Kontext von intelligenten Produkten” (“Economic and legal challenges in the context of intelligent products”).

The project INDIGO member Professor Jens-Peter Schneider gave a presentation “Platform Regulation as a Central Cornerstone of European AI Governance“. Professor Jens-Peter Schneider pointed out to the relevance of safeguards against over-blocking of content and harmful or illegal content moderation implemented by AI and additional algorithmic tools. He warned about the risks of harmful or illegal over-blocking and content moderation and discussed on safeguards against deficiencies caused by automated content moderation, especially considering the nowadays relevance of the role of online platforms and search engines for the public debate. Further, his analysis included safeguards provided by Digital Services Act and an explanatory outlook to the potential guiding principles of European AI governance from the perspective of EU administrative law.

See the programm of the conference here:

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