Professor Herwig Hofmann: Podcast “GDPR reflections in the Data Act, Data Governance Act and AI Regulation”

Herwig Hofmann, Professor of European and Transnational Public Law at the University of Luxembourg, participated in a podcast on Europe’s digital economy. He argued that the digital economy should become an ecosystem of fair digital value creation in international competition based on his experience as an academic and lawyer, for instance, representing Max Schrems in the Safe Harbor (2015) and Privacy Shield (2020) in the ECJ proceedings. In his view, data protection should not be a brake on economic development but an integral part of the data strategy. However, how can the EU prepare itself to make “Big Data” and artificial intelligence applications fit the internal market? Tune into the podcast to find out more (in German): Folge 22: DS-GVO im Spiegel von Data Act, Data Governance Act und KI-Verordnung | DataAgenda

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