Breaking News: INDIGO Working Papers series now online!

INDIGO international consortium has published nine working papers which you now can read open source.

Automated Decision-Making (ADM) in EU Public Law (Herwig C.H. Hofmann)

Assessing Cyber-Delegation in European Union Public Law (Herwig C.H. Hofmann)

Algorithms, Automation and Administrative Procedure at EU Level (Oriol Mir)

Collaborative Governance of the EU Digital Single Market established by the Digital Services Act (Jens-Peter Schneider, Kerster Siegrist, Simon Oles)

A Digital Health Infrastructure for Cross Border Governance of Communicable Diseases: A Case Study on the Covid-19 Pandemic (Franka Enderlein)

Smart Border is Watching You! Fundamental rights implications of automated data processing and decision-making at the EU Border (Paulina Jo Pesch, Franziska Boehm)

The Interplay Between Lawfulness and Explainability in the Automated Decisionmaking of the EU Administration(Davide Liga)

“My name is personalised_ and I approve this message”: Regulating automated and targeted political advertising in EU Law (Sam Wrigley, Miikka Hiltunen, Päivi Leino)

Interoperability in the EU: Paving the Way for Digital Public Services (Felix Pflücke)

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