INDIGO team members of KIT at the CPDP

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology organises a panel on “Artificial Intelligence at the EU Border” at Computers, Privacy & Data Protection (#CPDP) 2022 in Brussels: Smart Borders? Artificial Intelligence at the EU Border (

The panel discusses on how AI applications affect decision-making at EU borders, address benefits, risks, and concerns for data protection and fundamental rights, and debate regulatory safeguards. The discussion will especially focus on the AI Act proposal with regard to which Statewatch has recently released a report on missing safeguards on migration and asylum [1], and, together with other human rights organisations, proposed amendments to ensure fundamental rights protection [2].

Moderator of the panel is the INDIGO team member Professor Dr. Franziska Boehm (KIT). Speakers of the panel are Dr. Paulina Jo Pesch (KIT, INDIGO), Dr. Aleksandrs Cepilovs (eu-LISA), Dr. David Reichel (European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights), and Niovi Vavoula (Queen Mary University of London).



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