Report: INDIGO Workshop in Barcelona

On 12 of May INDIGO team met at the 4th Workshop bringing together international team members and external experts. The Workshop was taking place at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), Barcelona.

The one-day Workshop consisted of three discussion panels-round-tables.

The first round-table was led by Professor Herwig Hofmann (University of Luxembourg) and embarked on legal basis and impact assessment of ADM systems used by public administration.

The second round-table introduced by Professor Jens-Peter Schneider (University of Freiburg) engaged with the data-basis, information sharing and systems interoperability.

The third round-table was represented by Professor Oriol Mir (Pompeu Fabra University) and elaborated on ADM systems and single-case decision-making by public administration.

Each session was followed by discussions of the participants both present and online (the conference was life-streamed).

The last session summarized the workshop. Further steps of the INDIGO were set forth. In addition, the INDIGO team discussed on the INDIGO Final conference of autumn 2023.

We are very happy for the great chance of bringing together the INDIGO international team and be supported by external experts. The workshop diffused a positive synergy and delivered useful inputs.

Thanks to everyone who joined! And special thanks to Professor Oriol Mir and his team for the organisation!

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