National administrative process law reaction to automated-decision making systems in various European national jurisdictions

Seven exciting contributions!

On September 29, 2022 INDIGO held a Conference in Freiburg. One of the conference‘s outcomes is seven articles delving into national peculiarities of administrative process concerning automated-decision making systems exploited by national public administrations in the exercise of public functions. As observed, regulation concerning the use of AI and automated decision-making systems is in its infancy in public law, nevertheless its use in various jurisdictions has already spread. What is the reaction of the national legislators and courts to the automatisation in public decision and rule making? We invite you to explore this dynamically developing field by the seven contributions published in English on CERIPAD open source online Journal (Journal linked to the homonymous Interdisciplinary Research Center on Public Administration Law of the University of Milan, Editor in Chief – Prof. Diana-Urania Galetta) and in Spanish in Revista General De Derecho Administrativo (director Santiago Muñoz Machado).

As an introduction of the publication series, Professor Herwig C.H. Hofmann provides a conceptual framework for a potential research by using a comparative method – “Comparative law of public automated decision-making”:

It is followed by six contributions on the national administrative law and automatisation in decision-making in the following jurisdictions:

  1. Austria (by Prof. Franz Merli):
  2. Estonia (by Prof. Ivo Pilving):
  3. Germany (by Prof. Jens-Peter Schneider & Franka Enderlein):
  4. Italy (by Prof. Diana-Urania Galetta):
  5. Spain (by Eduardo Gamero Casado):
  6. Sweden (Prof. Jane Reichel):

See the articles also in Spanish:

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